The Asian Institute of Developmental Studies, Inc. (AIDSI) is an international consulting and training management organization possessing strong linkages with leading universities, technical institutes, non-government institutions, private corporations and research agencies in Asian and African Regions in the broad fields of rural development, agriculture, power and energy, forestry, fisheries, environment and climate change, health, economics and management,  education, arts and sciences, rural infrastructure development and other emerging fields. AIDSI offers technical assistance to capacity building and institutional strengthening projects, baseline survey and benchmark studies, monitoring and evaluation studies as well as the conceptualization and delivery of custom-designed courses for top and middle level officers, government officials, researchers, and development agents/managers. To date, AIDSI has implemented numerous consulting works for development projects in the areas of agriculture, climate change, environment, health, education, among others and more than 480 training programs in diverse fields of interest including program on ICT in project management; climate change; disaster management; PPP; project appraisal with environment impact assessment; monitoring and evaluation; economic management; supply chain management, clean production technologies and environmental management, among others.


In the 1980’s, development projects have provision for training to capacitate the project implementors. However, the provisions for training were seldom utilized, and if used they were spent only towards the closing of the project mainly for junket purposes. Knowing this, the ADB former Director for Agriculture approached me to discuss the possibility of organizing an international training management service provider to assist in the implementation of the training components of development projects. This resulted to the creation and organization of the Asian Institute of Development Studies, Inc. (AIDSI), the training arm of Madecor Group, Inc. AIDSI was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1988.

Through our travel and operations in various countries, we found out that there were a number of Centers of Excellence that can offer the training, but they were meant to cater only to their citizens and they do not have mechanism for bringing in foreign trainees. Thus, we studied the gaps, and position AIDSI to fill only the existing gaps from the development of appropriate curriculum to brokerage service of matching supply with demand, and arrangement for the travel requirements and logistics.

Once we had printed the brochure and started promoting the services, AIDSI had plenty of takers, mainly small short-term training and then eventually large training or fellowship backstopping packages.  The first of this training packages was the short-term trainings for the ADB Sumatra Livestock Development Project. But the bigger contracts include: a) WB funded Agricultural Research Manpower Development Project through BARC of Bangladesh; b) USAID Capacity Development for NEDA; c) Participatory Planning for Community-based Planning Program of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA); d) Fellowship Backstopping for DGE Crop Protection Staff; d) Fellowship Backstopping and Short-term Trainings for ADB funded Pakistan Technical and Vocational Education Project; e) Short-term trainings of Teachers under the ADB funded Indonesia Senior Secondary Education Project; and f) Fellowship Backstopping for Second University Development Project (SUDR).

Over the years, AIDSI has implemented about 480 training programs, from 16 countries involving over 8,000 participants: 10% senior level; 85% middle/technical level; and 5% technician level.

WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF RAPID CHANGE. Technological growth, combined with increased globalization necessitates innovative approaches to human resource development. At AIDSI, we believe in planning ahead to meet the demands of the future. We are committed to the development of human resource as the key to sustainable economic growth and global competitiveness. We believe that it is only through the actualization of human potential can long-term positive change be achieved, at both the individual and organizational levels.

We, at AIDSI, are determined to offer innovative, relevant and responsive capacity building programs and consultancy services for the transformation of communities toward social and economic upliftment.


“To become the first-choice capacity builder of people and institutions in Asia and the Pacific”


“To offer innovative, relevant and responsive capacity building programs, and consultancy services for transformation of communities toward social and economic uplift.”

Consultant Pool

At AIDSI, we have just about all the expertise any client may need. In a business like ours, we know we have to offer only the best to our clients. And so, we have developed our consultant pool to offer only the qualified and highly competent individuals. And we continuously source people, the best people, anywhere in the world.

Networks & Linkages

Our extensive network with educational, R&D, and academic institutions extend across sectors and geographical locations. We have allies virtually anywhere in the world – in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe – in wide range of development areas like education, agriculture, environment, trade and industry, forestry, engineering, and rural and urban development among others.

Project Experience

With almost 500 development projects and training programs implemented, AIDSI has tested capability in designing, implementing, designing and managing human resource development programs. And with our extensive experience almost anywhere in the world, we are inching close to our goal of becoming the world’s local human resource development partner.

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