When it comes to human resource development, AIDSI is your most reliable partner. We offer a full range of capacity development services coupled with superb management and administrative support.

Services Offered

  • Consultancy​

AIDSI has extensive experience in the implementation and management of multidisciplinary consultancies. It has administrative and managerial experience in support of in-country and overseas technical assistance and consultancies. Moreover, it has developed flexibility in providing administrative and logistics arrangements.

  • Short-term Courses

AIDSI facilitates placement of trainee(s) either to customized or regular training courses ranging from two to several weeks. In line with AIDSI’s objective to deliver only the best quality service to its clients, every training course is designed to put a balance between theoretical and practical inputs. Within this context, courses are conducted using adult learning methodologies to ensure effective enhancement of knowledge, skills, and attitude.

A. Seminars/Workshops

AIDSI organizes training programs focusing on particular issues or topics. Lectures, presentations, and consultations with resource persons who possess extensive experience in the specific area of study are facilitated.

B. Observation/Study Visits

AIDSI organizes observation/study visits to any country in the world for a few days to a maximum of one month. It involves visits to various government and non-government organizations, project offices and private agencies for briefings, discussions, and interaction with key officers, project implementors, and staff. This allows the trainee(s) to gather additional insights and practical experiences they can implement in their home country or work environment.

  • Diploma and Graduate Programs

AIDSI facilitates the placement of fellow(s) for either diploma or graduate programs in any part of the world. With established linkages among educational institutions worldwide, AIDSI can ably facilitate the fellowship process from pre-enrollment to actual implementation as well as contentiously provide welfare services to the fellow(s).

AIDSI also assists prospective fellow(s), applying for graduate programs abroad, in preparing for TOEFL or IELTS. In cases when the fellow/s is/are applying to non-English speaking university, AIDSI arranges for pre-enrollment language studies.

  • On-the-Job Training

AIDSI facilitates the placement of trainee(s) and research fellow(s) to a host institution (university, company and/or research agency) for a specified period of time. The Trainee(s) or Fellow(s) will work with a counterpart in the host institution. In this way, there is proper guidance, mentoring, and monitoring during the entire duration of the attachment program.

  • Benchmarking

AIDSI conducts training needs assessment and institutional benchmarking to establish gaps and compare aspects of performance (functions or processes) with best practitioners. It seeks fresh approaches to bring about improvement in performance following through with implementing improvements, monitoring of progress, and reviewing of benefits.

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